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Clarus Wealth Management was launched by founder Jason Stroede to be a beacon of clarity for anyone striving for a better understanding of their financial future. Located in Fairview Heights IL, our firm's mission is to provide counsel and strategies to our clients that are consistent with their own personal values and objectives.

Investing, saving, and preparing for life events not only shape our financial futures; they shape the very quality of life a person can expect to have. This is why our greatest desire is for each of our clients to start their financial planning with the knowledge they'll need to continue on towards financial security. We are dedicated to doing the research and development that is necessary for finding the most effective plan for each of our clients, and will always put your needs before our own. 

That's what makes Clarus Wealth Management stand out from the rest. We're always looking for determined and forward thinking people who seek a better understanding of how money works and the role it plays in their financial future. 

Services Designed for:

Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Retirees, Medicare recipients, Later-stage employees

Food Service & Restaurant Industry

Trustworthy • Capable • Knowledgeable


Neither Clarus Wealth Management, Gradient Advisors nor their representatives provide tax or legal advice. For answers to specific questions and before making any decisions please consult a qualified attorney or tax advisor.