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We make financial matters clear and easy to understand... Bottom Line

There are many professionals we seek throughout our lives, yet unlike the doctor, attorney or tax preparer, the Financial Planner is a vital role that is often missing from one's personal network.

Many people face challenges when it comes to planning for their financial future, and we feel people postpone establishing a relationship with a financial planner for many reasons:

  • Investing can be confusing
  • The process is intimidating
  • Lack of understanding what a planner does
  • Feeling as though you don't have enough income.
  • Fearing it's too expensive

At Clarus Wealth Management, we believe wealth has many dimensions; Physical, spiritual, family, mental, as well as financial... The financial professionals at Clarus Wealth Management will work with you to help reduce fears, eliminate mistakes, and offer positive, factual and concise information to make your goals a reality. You want a planner who will put your needs and interests first, you want a planner who is a fiduciary. 

fiduciary (noun): A person bound by legality or contract to act for another's benefit, as a trustee in relation to his beneficiary  

It is our goal  to be your financial resource; however, our greatest desire is for you to start your plan with the knowledge you need to continue your journey. Should you choose to continue your financial planning with Clarus Wealth Management, be assured that we are dedicated to the research and development of the most effective plan for you, our client.