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November 2014

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November Newsletter - Isn't ALL Money Green?

Most people think all money is green. However, we look at it a bit differently, and we encourage you to do the same!

Red- These assets have a higher degree of risk. There is good growth opportunity, but preparing for volatility is important with these assets. Red does not mean the assets are dangerous. It simply means you should stop, look both directions and proceed with caution in making your investment decisions.

Yellow- These assets are safer but still call for cautious examination. There are unique growth opportunities and Yellow assets do not carry as much risk as Red assets. You may not have as much growth opportunity as Red money, but you do not need to come to a complete retirement stop before proceeding.

Green- Green money should be labeled on assets that have safety and guarantees. Your growth potential is less than Red and Yellow money, but you may move comfortably through retirement knowing your assets are safe and available to provide the income stream you are looking for in retirement.

The amount of money we earn, save and spend is driven by our personality and beliefs. These factors also contribute to choices we make. In short, the investments we choose determines the color of our money. It reflects our overall personality, lifestyle and values. While accumulating for retirement is important, we believe it is just as important to have your money in assets that represent the risk or safety you desire for what you accumulate.