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Most of my clients imagine triggering their Social Security benefits at one of three ages:

  • Age 62
  • Age 66, or their Social Security Full Retirement
  • Age 70

Unfortunately, in nearly every circumstance, none of these three ages will actually get them their maximum lifetime benefit. Instead, your maximum lifetime benefit is found by running over 20,000 calculations and exploring advanced strategies such as Restricted Application and File and Suspend.

Watch the video then find out how much money you could be missing out on and attend one of our free workshops listed below.

Social Security Maximization Workshop

If you are approaching the age of social security or know someone who is, you DO NOT want to miss this free workshop. The decision of file for benefits "now vs. later" is only the tip of the iceberg when determining how to BEST file for your benefits. Learn about file and suspend, restricted application, spousal benefits and more.