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Jason A. Stroede

Jason A. Stroede

Founder / Investment Advisor Representative

Jason is the President and Founder of Clarus Wealth Management . Having spent over 18 years in the financial services industry, he discovered what was a disappointing and yet common theme. More often than not, people did not understand the financial products they had, or why they had them. Nor did they understand the magnitude of the decisions they were facing as they entered retirement. Jason's mission is to continue to provide Clarity to those he serves so they can continue their journey with confidence knowing what they have and more importantly why they have it.

Jason lives in St. Louis, Metro East area and has four beautiful children: Raylynn, Branden, Briana, and Madison. Outside of the office you'll find him at a baseball, softball, wrestling, band, cheerleading, or track event for one (or more) of the kids or every now and again golfing and a Cardinals game.

Jason has achieved numerous agency awards since entering the industry in 2003. He was Founder and President for Yellow-Tie International's MetroEast Chapter. Served on the Board of Directors for Safe Connections. Jason was nominated and accepted into St. Louis' inaugural 'New Leaders Council Leadership Institute'. NLC has more than 20 Chapters Nationwide and growing, Jason is very proud to have been selected as a fellow for St. Louis' Institute.

"People not only didn't understand the financial products they had, but more importantly why they had them."