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Lydiah Urban

Lydiah Urban


As a recent graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, Lydiah is enthusiastic to put her newly acclaimed finance degree to work. Over the summer, Lydiah worked as an equity research intern at Langenberg and Co., investigating potential mergers and acquisitions. While studying, Lydiah held the title of Activity Director of the Financial Management Association. With this title, she was able to organize events to educate people on the importance of knowing how and where to allocate their money. She participated in the MIT Sloan conference in Boston, having access to industry leaders from around the county.  Lydiah was also involved with the Student Government Association and held the position of Secretary. It was this role which sparked her interest in the education system and, particularly, its lack of commitment to teaching young adults about main street financial matters. This has become her passion to change. Lydiah set a path to working with educators and government agencies in order to align course work with financial matters that every individual will experience at some point in their lifetime.


Clarus Wealth Management is both fortunate and excited to add such a talented, driven individual to our ranks. Lydiah is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of the vehicles and techniques used to create peace of mind and guidance to both individuals and small business’ alike in order to help them achieve their financial goals.


When Lydiah is not climbing mountains to achieve her goals, she is climbing actual mountains. Lydiah enjoys all outdoor activities. She loves to go on hikes, play sports, practice yoga and anything that gets her active. She enjoys reading and plans to finish 50 books this year. When she is inspired, she loves to paint, draw, and dance. Her favorite people to be with are her older siblings; Dakotah, who is working towards becoming a US Martial and her sister Sarah, an entrepreneur and owner of Sarah’s Spanish School currently in 15 states.