Clarus Wealth Management was launched in 2011 by founder Jason Stroede to stand out as a source of clarity for those who desire a better understanding of their financial future. For those that seek something more than the templated plan approach. Located in Fairview Heights IL, our firm's mission is to provide counsel and strategies to our clients that are consistent with their own personal values and objectives.

Whether it’s investments, divorce, retirement planning, business planning, real estate investments, or something else that brought us together…we are dedicated to doing the intense research and development that is necessary in finding the most effective, tax efficient strategies for each of our clients. 

That relentless pursuit of knowledge and unique strategies is what makes Clarus Wealth Management stand out from the rest. We're always looking for determined and forward-thinking people who also seek a better understanding of how money works and the role it plays in their financial future. So if that sounds like you….call us today!